Tests are a regular part of life, because in the real world, people must pass tests to drive a car, get into college, go into the military, or get a job.  We measure because we care about student learning, and what gets measured gets done.

Tests need to serve a purpose and not simply take up valuable classroom time. We are not in favor of testing for the sake of testing, but asking students to show what they know is important to ensure they are meeting education standards that prepare them for success in life.

Florida has made significant progress in improving its assessments. In 2015, legislative leaders reduced the number of assessments, limited the amount of the time for state and local assessments to no more than 5 percent of classroom time, and improved transparency by requiring the Florida Department of Education and school districts to publish an assessment calendar.

In 2017, legislative leaders passed legislation to provide teachers with more time to teach; minimize disruption to student and school schedules by moving the state assessment to the last three weeks of school; and shorten the state testing window from nine weeks to four weeks.

The law also required that parents receive easy-to-understand, parent-friendly score reports that include:
  • A clear explanation of the student’s performance;
  • Information on the student’s areas of strengths and areas for improvement;
  • Specific actions and resources to assist parents;
  • Longitudinal information, if available; and
  • Information comparing the student’s score to all students in district, state or other states.


To learn about what statewide assessments your child will take this year, visit Florida Department of Education K-12 Assessments.