Keeping the promise of a quality education for all Florida children.

Our Promise

Work with students, parents, educators, business leaders and lawmakers to advance innovative and proven policies that ensure every child is prepared for lifelong success.

Sunshine State Student Facts


in the nation in K-12 student academic achievement.

1.7 Million

Florida students in pre-K to grade 12 attended a school of choice in 2018-19.


of Florida schools earned an A or B during the 2018-19 school year.


in the nation in the percentage of students who participated in an AP exam.

What They Are Saying

“Lowering expectations tells a child that they are not capable of achieving greatness. It reaffirms what many already believe that the circumstances of their lives have won. High expectations remind all of us that there is more work to be done.”

Simaran Bakshi

Principal, Wayman Academy of the Arts

“As a parent and a lawmaker, I am passionate about supporting policies that set children on a path for lifelong success. Making sure each and every child has access to advanced courses and industry certifications is an important way we prepare students to excel in college and in their future careers. Florida is a national leader in expanding Advanced Placement and dual enrollment course access, which saves our Florida families millions of dollars in college tuition and narrows achievement gaps between groups of students.”

Rep. Byron Donalds

Florida House of Representatives

“With the help of the Gardiner Scholarship, we were able to create a customized education plan for Nic. We found a licensed teacher specializing in learning differences who works with Nic in a one-on–one setting four times a week. Over the last year, she has been able to keep Nic learning, even as one technique seems to work one day and then not work the next.”

Cristina Maxwell

Mom of a Gardiner Scholarship Student

“Because charter schools are tuition-free and open to all students based on a lottery system, my school was able to reflect the diverse community in our part of Broward County. Almost half of the students were Hispanic, reflecting South Florida’s large Hispanic community. Attending the same charter school my entire life not only gave me the chance to grow and prepare for college, but also learn in a diverse environment.”

Kamille Catala

Florida Charter School Graduate

“Florida school choice has allowed my three kids to excel in different educational settings based on their individual learning styles and needs. Freedom to choose the school of your choice – be it home school, charter school, private school or public school, on-line or ‘brick and mortar’ – has allowed Florida to soar to the top in education! Funds should go toward our students’ success, wherever and how they learn!”

Annette Lizardo

Florida Mom