Florida’s A+ Plan for Education

On June 21, 1999, Governor Jeb Bush signed into law the A+ Plan for Education, the most comprehensive education reform plan in the nation’s history. During the last 20 years, Florida’s education outcomes have dramatically improved with more students than ever before attending a school of their choice, reading on grade level and graduating from high school prepared for success in college and career.

What They Are Saying

“In the two decades since, Florida has kept its focus on students by continually adopting bold and innovative education policies. Our state has embraced options and raised the bar with school accountability. We’ve placed a strong focus on early reading. We have rewarded, retained and recruited great teachers and schools. And we have leveraged technology to customize student learning.”

Governor Jeb Bush

Foundation for Florida’s Future Board Chair

“You don’t have to mine the data to show the remarkable success story behind Florida’s A+ Plan. Whatever variable you look at, Florida’s educational renaissance has been extraordinary.” 

Margaret Spellings

Former U.S. Secretary of Education & President and CEO of Texas 2036

“The A+ plan didn’t tweak a broken education system. It overhauled it by giving lower-income families the chance to choose the right school for their child, simplifying accountability for schools with a simple A-F grade, and providing incentives to increase graduation and AP participation and pass rates.”

Gary Chartrand

Foundation for Florida’s Future Trustee

“For too long we had essentially patted students of poverty and students of color on the head and claimed they were ‘doing the best they could.’ Turns out we were wrong. And through Florida’s accountability system, we provided those students with their civil right of rigorous content, high expectations and high achievement.” 

Commissioner Pam Stewart

Florida Commissioner of Education from 2013-2018

20th Anniversary Blog Series

Learn how Florida’s education policies have improved the lives of countless students in the 20th Anniversary A+ Plan for Education blog series featuring national leaders in education, lawmakers and more.

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