Tredina Sheppard

By Shan Goff

P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School, a public K-12 school connected with the University of Florida, has an extensive history of implementing innovative education models that improve outcomes for students.

In the last few years, leaders at the school have taken a unique approach to personalizing each student’s educational journey by creating pathways that provide students with greater flexibility within the classroom and multiple opportunities to master course content.

To date, four other Florida school districts have implemented locally-driven personalized learning programs, like P.K. Yonge’s, that focus on mastery and student voice and choice. I had the pleasure to learn about the innovative practices Pinellas County Schools educators are using to improve student learning earlier this week.

For a glimpse of how educators can use personalized learning to empower students to play a greater role in their learning, watch P.K. Yonge educator and science department chair Tredina Sheppard talk about what personalized learning looks like in her classroom.

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