The Family Empowerment Scholarship program is Florida’s newest private education scholarship for low-income and some middle-income families.

To learn more about program eligibility, visit our main Family Empowerment Scholarship program webpage.


Parent and School Resources

Informational Flyer for Parents and School Leaders

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  • Does your child qualify for the Florida’s newest private education choice program? Learn more at


  • Families of four making up to $77,250 a year can qualify for Florida’s Family Empowerment Scholarship program. See if your child qualifies at


  • 18,000 students will be able to attend a private school through Florida’s Family Empowerment Scholarship program this school year. Is your child eligible?


  • Earlier this year, lawmakers created the Family Empowerment Scholarship program to help students in low- and middle-income families choose the school that works best for them. Learn more at



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