Each year, Florida’s Education Report Card grades legislators on their actions to improve the quality of education. By grading lawmakers on a scale of A-F, just like students and schools, Florida’s Education Report Card gives the public a clear and comprehensive assessment of who is keeping the promise of a quality education in the Sunshine State.

Grades are based on legislators’ voting records and demonstrations of leadership. House and Senate voting records are calculated in a ratio of favorable votes cast for student-centered policies out of the total opportunities to vote on those policies.

(Example: A lawmaker who supported 7 out of 10 student-centered policies would earn a raw score of 70 percent.)

Grading Scale

A+: 101 or higher

A: 90 – 100

B: 80 – 89

C: 70 – 79

D: 60 – 69

F: 59 or lower