The Foundation for Florida’s Future’ Education Report Card – Honor Roll recognizes the legislative leaders who championed bold education reforms that keep the promise of a quality education for each and every student. These members of the Florida Senate earned a place on the 2018 Honor Roll.

Senator Dennis Baxley

Senator Dennis Baxley was an outspoken advocate for restoring equity to Florida’s dual enrollment education, allowing all students to have free, open access to courses that save families millions of dollars in college credit.

Sen. Baxley also eloquently made the case for Florida state leaders to push for a robust array of high-quality educational options for students.

Senator Rob Bradley

In his leadership role as the Senate’s Appropriations Committee Chair, Senator Rob Bradley supported a number of student-centered pieces of legislation and funding priorities, including policies that expand educational opportunities and innovative courses for Florida’s K-12 students.


Senator Jeff Brandes

Senator Jeff Brandes relentless advocacy of personalized education programs underscored his commitment to ensuring each and every Florida student is prepared for success in today’s rapidly changing economy.

In his support of personalized learning, Sen. Brandes was able to combine two areas of expertise: education and innovation.

Senator Bill Galvano (President-Designate)

In addition to his leadership on improving school safety, Senator Bill Galvano worked on behalf of Florida students who have been subjected to bullying or harassment. Sen. Galvano’s support of the Hope Scholarship program is consistent with his previous work to empower students and their families with a wide array of educational choices.

Senator Bill Montford

Senator Bill Montford used his extensive knowledge of Florida’s education system to rally his colleagues to support legislation that promotes innovation, equity and opportunity. On the Senate floor, Sen. Montford effectively made the case for supporting this year’s major K-12 education legislation and how it would impact students and families.

President Joe Negron

President Joe Negron championed many student-centered policies and encouraged his fellow policy makers to put the needs of students first.

His continued support for K-12 scholarship programs that serve students with special needs and students from low-income families earned President Negron recognition on the 2018 Honor Roll.

Senator Kathleen Passidomo

Senator Kathleen Passidomo was a consistent champion of several student-centered policies this session. Most notably, Sen. Passidomo’s advocacy for expanding computer science education to middle and high school students will undoubtedly lead to more students graduating ready for success in college and career.

Senator Kelli Stargel

Senator Kelli Stargel’s passion for helping Florida’s youngest learners was on display again this session with her sponsorship of legislation that would have empowered parents of VPK students with easy-to-understand information they can use to help their children.

Whether championing greater early literacy resources or expanded educational options for K-12 students, Sen. Stargel demonstrated her unfaltering commitment to improving outcomes for all students.


Green highlighting indicates lawmakers on the 2018 Honor Roll.







Baxley, Dennis R 12 110 A+
Bean, Aaron R 4 100 A
Benacquisto, Lizbeth R 27 100 A
Book, Lauren D 32 80 B
Bracy, Randolph D 11 71 C
Bradley, Rob R 5 105 A+
Brandes, Jeff R 24 102 A+
Braynon, Oscar D 35 73 C
Broxson, Doug R 1 100 A
Campbell, Daphne D 38 80 B
Farmer, Gary D 34 71 C
Flores, Anitere R 39 93 A
Gainer, George R 2 100 A
Galvano, Bill R 21 109 A+
Garcia, Rene R 36 100 A
Gibson, Audrey D 6 77 C
Grimsley, Denise R 26 93 A
Hukill, Dorothy  R 14 77 C
Hutson, Travis R 7 100 A
Lee, Tom R 20 93 A
Mayfield, Debbie R 17 100 A
Montford, Bill D 3 93 A
Negron, Joe R 25 105 A+
Passidomo, Kathleen R 28 110 A+
Perry, Keith R 8 104 A+
Powell, Bobby D 30 77 C
Rader, Kevin D 29 83 B
Rodriguez, José Javier D 37 66 D
Rouson, Darryl D 19 80 B
Simmons, David R 9 102 A+
Simpson, Wilton R 10 100 A
Stargel, Kelli R 22 110 A+
Steube, Greg R 23 95 A
Stewart, Linda D 13 75 C
Taddeo, Annette D 40 67 D
Thurston Jr., Perry D 33 71 C
Torres Jr., Victor D 15 67 D
Young, Dana R 18 93 A