2020 Educational Opportunities Legislation

Ask Your Senator to Expand the Family Empowerment Scholarship

In 2019, Florida leaders established the Family Empowerment Scholarship program, which financially helps low-income and some middle-income parents send their children to a private school that best fits their needs.

This school year, all the scholarship slots were filled in early October and thousands of families could not get their child into the program. Even fewer new scholarship slots are available for the 2020-21 school year.

Thankfully, the Florida House Education Committee unanimously approved a bill – House Bill 7067 – that would greatly increase the number of available scholarships every year, prioritize military families, and allow more families to financially qualify in the future.

We want the Florida Senate to support Florida families by adopting these improvements to its education bill.


Ask Your Representative to Fully Fund the Gardiner Scholarship Program

In Florida, more than 13,800 students with unique abilities were able to participate in the Gardiner Scholarship program during the 2018-19 school year.

Through the program, parents can create a customized education plan that maximizes a child’s natural learning abilities, including private school tuition, online courses, tutoring, special education services, curriculum, dual enrollment, and many other state-authorized uses.

The Florida House of Representatives has proposed an increase in funding for the Gardiner Scholarship program, but it’s not enough to cover all families currently on the program wait list.

The Florida Senate’s proposal would cover all students who are already approved and waiting on funding.

We want the Florida House of Representatives to fund all students on the Gardiner Scholarship wait list.