Florida’s Jump in K-12 Student Achievement

By Shan Goff As a former teacher, I know Florida is home to the nation’s hardest working educators and innovative school leaders. The Sunshine State is also home to a strong accountability system centered on the success of each and every student. The results have been nothing short of transformative – and the positive news keeps coming. […]

Patrica Levesque

Your Voice Matters This School Year

By Patricia Levesque As a parent of two school-age children, I know how important this time of year is. With vacations behind us and the summer pleasures of cookouts and camps coming to an end, my family and I have turned our attention to the school year ahead. We are ready! It’s my fervent hope that in[…..]

Florida’s 2018 School Grades Show Positive Improvement

Today, the Florida Department of Education released A-F grades for the state’s elementary, middle and high schools, which show an increase in the percent of schools earning an A this year. All but one school earning an F last year improved their letter grade, reflecting Florida’s improved statewide assessment results and the state’s stronger focus on college[…..]