Florida Lawmakers Invest in Students with Policies Aimed at Helping Families Today and in the Future

In historically trying times, Florida lawmakers boldly embraced strong policies that ensure millions of families can succeed now and in the future.  Recognizing and Supporting Teachers and Schools  Florida has the strongest student-centered policies in the nation. The state’s dedicated teachers are the most critical role in ensuring student success. Historic Pay Increase for Teachers: House Bill 641 provides $500[…..]

Statement from Patricia Levesque on House Bill 7067 and Expansion of Educational Opportunities

Statement from Patricia Levesque, Executive Director of the Foundation for Florida’s Future, on HB 7067, which was approved today by the House Appropriations Committee. “House lawmakers took major steps to expand options for Florida’s hardworking low- and middle-income families. “By increasing the number of Florida Empowerment Scholarships offered annually and expanding the income eligibility for more families[…..]