Florida Lawmakers Invest in Students with Policies Aimed at Helping Families Today and in the Future

In historically trying times, Florida lawmakers boldly embraced strong policies that ensure millions of families can succeed now and in the future.  Recognizing and Supporting Teachers and Schools  Florida has the strongest student-centered policies in the nation. The state’s dedicated teachers are the most critical role in ensuring student success. Historic Pay Increase for Teachers: House Bill 641 provides $500 […]

Good Start for Plan to Improve Student Success with Strong Career & Technical Education Pathways

Statement from Patricia Levesque, Executive Director for the Foundation for Florida’s Future, on today’s discussion by the State Board of Education “Florida’s state career and technical education plan is among the strongest we have reviewed from across the nation. It ensures that federal funding for career and technical education supports the state’s goal of having the premier[…..]

Florida’s Educational Renaissance

On June 21, 1999, Governor Jeb Bush signed Florida’s A+ Plan for Education into law, beginning a systemic transformation that serves as a national model for raising student achievement. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this comprehensive strategy to improve public education, the Foundation for Florida’s Future is publishing a blog series featuring perspectives from the people that[…..]