Choosing Preparation over Pride for Reading Success

By: Kate Wallace Dale R. Fair Babson Park Elementary is a high-performing conversion charter school in Babson Park, Fla. The school has earned an “A” grade from the state’sschool grading system for six of the past seven years. Babson is known for more than its high achieving status; however, it’s also known for its high ratesof kindergarten […]

Hands are in the air at Dayspring Academy

By Mike Thomas There are many metrics for judging school success—test scores, advanced coursework and so on. My metric is hands in the air. When you walk into a classroom and see hands in the air, quivering and shaking, silently pleading with the teacher to “call on me,” it translates into enthusiastic learners.   It’s hard to[…..]

The Never Ending Middle School Years

For most of us, middle school passes in a few, short, ungraceful years. For others, it becomes a profession. Florida teacher Jo Ellen Stanley’s ongoing middle school career has earned her high praise—from her sixth-grade math class to the Governor’s office. It all began in 2006. Stanley went to volunteer at her kids’ school in Florida and[…..]