Statement from Patricia Levesque, Executive Director for the Foundation for Florida’s Future, on today’s State of the State address:

“In his first year in office, Gov. Ron DeSantis proved to be a leader that follows his promises with action and commitment.

“His second year is off to a strong start. The Governor’s inspiring address provides strategic focus on issues that will immediately help Florida’s students, teachers and families.

  • Ensuring funding provided to public schools actually goes to increasing teacher pay and performance-based bonuses will help attract and retain the best educators in the nation.
  • Strengthening career and technical education is critically important, and we urge state leaders to focus on improving the quality of these programs to ensure students have access to programs that are aligned with high-skill, high-wage and high-demand job opportunities.
  • Expanding private educational opportunities will help more families find schools that best fit their unique needs. We urge the legislature to fully fund the Gardiner Scholarship program and expand the Family Empowerment Scholarships to serve more families who are low and middle-income.
  • Elevating civics and our nation’s Constitution will provide a needed foundation of knowledge that will better prepare our students to be responsible citizens in our democratic republic.


“Underlying all of these laudable aspirations is the expectation that our students will have higher, better standards to meet. We are hopeful that the ongoing review of academic standards will set a high bar for students because what we expect them to learn is the foundation for a strong education system.

“We look forward to working with Gov. DeSantis and state policymakers to ensure each child in Florida has the opportunity to gain the knowledge they need to pursue their dreams.”

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