From significantly increasing funding for public school students and empowering families with educational options to strengthening career education and providing teachers with professional development and bonus opportunities, Florida lawmakers passed several student-centered policies during the 2019 legislative session.

However, opponents of educational opportunity were quick to mischaracterize these achievements as threats to public schools.

Lawmakers were having none of it.

Check out these opinion pieces from Florida lawmakers on the real achievements for students this year.


Legislature working to uplift education in Florida

Naples Daily News
By Senator Kathleen Passidomo

Florida’s students are our most important asset. They are Florida’s future: our future leaders, future workforce and future volunteers.

Supporting our students — by providing a high-quality education — is the best and most important investment we can make in our state. And that is what we did this legislative session.


Florida is investing in students and teachers, and empowering school districts

By Senator Gayle Harrell

A quality education can change a life by providing each and every student with the knowledge and skills to achieve his or her dreams. The success of today’s students will determine the destiny of our state.

That is why the Florida Senate is committed to investing in our students.


‘Something very good is happening’ in Florida’s schools

Miami Herald
By Representative Vance Aloupis

Look at the trend lines for public education in Florida, and two things jump off the page: the incredible degree to which educational choice has expanded — not just with charter schools and vouchers, but also with district options such as magnet schools; and the significant progress students have made on virtually every common measure of academic achievement, with even steeper trajectories for low-income students.


New scholarship will continue to strengthen public education in Florida

Tampa Bay Times
By Senator Manny Diaz, Jr.

For two decades, Florida has been a national leader in spurring choice, competition and customization in public education.

We are not about to let up now.


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