Tallahassee – Today, Patricia Levesque, Executive Director of Foundation for Florida’s Future, released the following statement on Governor Ron DeSantis’ first State of the State address:

We applaud Governor DeSantis for his visionary leadership on behalf of Florida’s students. He rightfully is prioritizing their long-term success by aligning career and technical education with real-world jobs and ensuring that computer science education is available to every Florida student.

We especially applaud Governor DeSantis for building on 20 years of nationally recognized progress in education choice by giving more families—especially the thousands still on waiting lists—access to the learning environments that work best for their children.

And we commend the Governor’s focus on improving teacher recruitment and retention, leading to greater outcomes for students.

With a bold commitment to student success, Governor DeSantis and his administration are on the path to ensuring each and every child has access to a quality education, and we look forward to working with them in the weeks ahead.