Gov. Scott signs HB 7055

Tallahassee, Fla – Today, the Foundation for Florida’s Future released the following statement on the signing of Florida’s 2018-19 budget by Governor Rick Scott.

“I thank Governor Rick Scott, President Joe Negron, Speaker Richard Corcoran and members of the Florida Legislature for their commitment to prioritizing student safety, empowering families with educational opportunity and continuing vital education programs that promote student equity.

“Florida’s commitment to providing each and every student with access to a quality education has led to nearly two decades of sustained student academic improvement.

“Along with the budget, leaders passed student-centered legislation this session that will better prepare Florida’s students for success in the next grade level and in life.”

Patricia Levesque, Executive Director of the Foundation for Florida’s Future


Florida’s 2018-19 budget includes increases to programs that expand educational opportunity and increase college and career readiness, including:

  • Gardiner Scholarship Program ($128 million): This coming school year, an additional 2,300 students will be able to participate in the program, which empowers parents of students with special needs with the resources to customize their child’s education.


  • Charter Schools: The budget significantly increases the state’s capital outlay commitment to public charter schools ($145 million), which serve more than 280,000 students, creating greater equity between traditional and public charter schools, and maintains Schools of Hope funding ($140 million).


  • Mental Health Assistance Allocation ($69.2 million): Providing districts with resources to deliver mental health services to at-risk students.


  • Florida Partnership for Minority and Underrepresented Student Achievement: The budget maintains critical funding ($4 million) to ensure professional development for Advanced Placement (AP) classroom teachers, helping to increase participation by underrepresented students in AP courses.