For decades Florida lawmakers have demonstrated a proven commitment to improving education for all students. This year, the journey continued with the passage of a new law that expands statewide public school choice and enables Florida families to send their children to the school that best fits their needs—regardless of location – when space is available. The Public School Choice law:

  • Expands Florida families’ access to any public school in the state, as long as there is available space, while ensuring no schools have to operate with an overflowing population.
  • Requires districts to identify and post on their website any schools that have not reached capacity. This will provide parents with more information and place them in a better position to exercise their choice of public schools.
  • Allows Florida families to request a classroom change and face fewer roadblocks when moving to a new district.
  • Helps districts set up the necessary processes and timelines that they need to ensure a smooth transfer process.
  • Maintains existing public school funding if a family chooses a school in another district.

Through the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, state lawmakers have previously overcome geographical barriers by providing transportation support to families if they choose to send their child to a school in a different district. The state’s McKay Scholarship and Opportunity Scholarship programs provide additional transportation options for school choice within a district. Qualifying low-income students and students with special needs can utilize these transportation supports if they choose another public school as an option.

Florida Public School Choice opens doors for students and families so that all students have access to a quality education at the location that best meets their needs – one where they are motivated, challenged and can establish the skills they need to succeed.

Learn more about #PublicSchoolChoice from Rep. Chris Sprowls in the video below!