The 2016 Legislative Session kicked off this morning, bringing new opportunities to achieve meaningful changes for education. And you can help! Our team at the Foundation for Florida’s Future is proud to support the student-centered work taking place this year, including efforts to expand and improve the diverse educational options provided to Florida families, to support fundamental reading skills for our students, and to encourage innovative programs with the potential to generate more classroom success.

Florida has made dramatic gains in education by providing parents with educational choices, strengthening accountability, raising standards, rewarding effective teachers and providing outcome-based funding. But we cannot rest on the past decade of success in improving education. We must ensure children are moving forward each and every year to keep Florida students competitive with their peers across the nation and around the globe. While focusing on the fundamentals, increased options, more unbundling and greater innovation in education can help take us further. I hope you will join us in supporting and following initiatives that:

  • Support select pilot programs in school districts implementing competency-based and personalized-learning education systems.
  • Expand students’ access to courses, removing barriers to digital learning.
  • Give families more information and choices regarding their public schools, so they are best positioned to make decisions for their children.
  • Allow more students to access the opportunities Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts provide, and expand authorized use of funds.
  • Reduce roadblocks for high-performing, proven charter schools, so they can serve the needs of Florida students.
  • Place a command focus back on struggling readers.
  • Offer a Pay for Success financial structure, using private investors to pay to expand services for citizens, with no risk to taxpayers.

Visit for more information and resources regarding student-centered bills on the move this year!