AP Participation

During the past two decades, Florida has made tremendous progress in expanding college and career pathways. Florida is now ranked 2nd in the nation for the percentage of graduates who took an AP exam during high school. Florida ranked 3rd nationally in the percentage of high school students scoring a 3 or higher on an AP exam.

These successes can be traced back to the long-term partnership between the state of Florida and the College Board. However, despite investments in Advanced Placement course access, African American student participation has declined because of a lack of focus on urban communities.

The solution is to expand Florida’s partnership with the College Board to ensure teachers and students in the state’s urban communities have the resources they need to excel in advanced courses.

Ensuring Equity in Access to AP Courses:

A line-item appropriation in the state budget, Assistance to Low Performing Schools, funds the partnership with the College Board. It covers the cost for students to take the PSAT and SAT exams, and also provides training for middle school teachers, counselors, administrators and high school teachers to help nontraditional and minority students be successful in AP courses.

Expanding the partnership’s focus beyond Florida’s rural school districts would allow for a more targeted focus on African American students to improve their participation rates in this critical college readiness program.

Source: The College Board