Florida Session Week 7 Highlights: Dual Enrollment Access Legislation Moves Forward

Florida Session Week 7 Highlights: Dual Enrollment Access Legislation Moves Forward

Friday, February 23, 2018
With only two weeks remaining in Florida’s legislative session, several student-centered pieces of legislation move toward final passage. 
  • New data from College Board shows increases in the percentage of Florida students taking AP exams.   
  • The Senate Education Committee passes HB 7055, with a strike-all amendment to include its priorities.  
  • The House unanimously passes legislation that restores equity and access to dual enrollment courses. 
Educational Opportunity 
Neither the House or Senate’s preliminary budget includes funding to ensure the 1,300 Florida students with special needs who are on the Gardiner Scholarship program's wait list have access to a customized education next school year. 

In addition to the wait-listed students who have been approved to participate, thousands more are waiting to apply for the upcoming school year. 

Each year, parents of students participating in the Gardiner Scholarship and Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program worry that a lack of funding will keep their child from participating in the program.  

On Thursday, the House Appropriations Committee passed HB 7087, which proposes to provide both programs with a more stable funding source for growth of the programs.  

The bill now moves to the full House for consideration.  

College and Career Readiness 
HB 731, sponsored by Representative Jennifer Sullivan, unanimously passed the Florida House on third reading on Thursday. While the bill focuses on home education, the legislation also includes an important provision that ensures all students have free, open access to dual enrollment courses at their local state colleges.  

Jacksonville mom, Susan Heekin, and her children recently visited with legislators to share their support for this important piece of legislation

Advanced Placement Results 
The College Board released its 2017 AP Cohort Data Report this week, which details Advanced Placement course participation and completion by state.  

Florida’s results are positive, with student participation and exam completion both on the rise.  

Here are a few highlights:  

  • Florida remains fourth in the nation in the percentage of graduates scoring a 3 or above on their exams, which provides students an opportunity to earn college credit.  
  • More than 54 percent of Florida’s 2017 high school graduates participated in AP courses.  
  • Florida public and private high school students completed more than 200,000 AP exams in 2017, with a passing scores of 3 or higher.  
For more information and resources on student-centered legislation that promotes equity and opportunity, visit AFloridaPromise.org

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