What We're Watching: Student-Centered and Teacher-Friendly Bills

What We're Watching: Student-Centered and Teacher-Friendly Bills

Monday, March 6, 2017

Florida’s 2017 Legislative Session kicks off tomorrow, bringing new opportunities to advocate on behalf of our state’s K-12 students and their families. 

While the Sunshine State’s track record of rising student achievement and expanding educational options for students is undeniable, now is not the time to slow down. 

Over the next 60 days and beyond, the Foundation for Florida’s Future will be working with parents, teachers and education advocates across the state to promote student-centered policies that can continue to improve the quality of education for all children. 

Here’s what we’re watching and supporting this session:

  • Supporting Fewer, Better Tests to give teachers more time to teach and ensure parents and teachers have access to actionable, easy-to-understand information to help their students.
  • Expanding the Gardiner Scholarship Program to provide thousands of children with special needs the benefits of a customized education.
  • Helping thousands of Florida’s low-income students gain access to a quality education by creating a supportive environment for high-impact charter management organizations.
  • Providing statewide research-based training for K-3 teachers, reading coaches, principals and VPK teachers, and allowing an optional extra year of VPK for struggling students who need more time to learn.
  • Ensuring parents have access to information about the average amount of federal, state and local dollars generated toward their child’s education.
  • Removing caps on financial bonuses available to K-12 educators for teaching advanced courses.
  • Ensuring all students, including home education and private school students, are eligible to participate in virtual instruction.
  • Expanding Florida’s partnership with the College Board to ensure students in our state’s urban communities have the resources they need to excel in advanced courses.
  • Requiring a study to evaluate what other states are doing to increase learning gains in middle school.

Join us this session in advocating for the best interest of students. For more information and resources regarding student-centered legislation on the move this year, please visit AFloridaPromise.org.

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