Florida House Passes Bill to Expand Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

Florida House Passes Bill to Expand Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Today, the Florida House of Representatives unanimously passed House Bill 15, which would expand the benefits of a customized education to thousands of Florida students with disabilities.

During a recent committee meeting to discuss the proposed legislation, bill sponsor Representative Jennifer Sullivan spoke directly to parents of Gardiner Scholarship program students thanking them for their courage to find the best education to meet their child’s needs.

“By expanding this program, Florida leaders will help thousands of families to achieve a customized education for their child," said Debbie Mortham, Foundation for Florida's Future Florida Legislative Director. "Students with special needs deserve a quality education and the Gardiner Scholarship program is their lifeline to a better future. We thank Rep. Jennifer Sullivan for her unwavering commitment to Florida’s students with special needs and their families.”

HB 15 would expand the Gardiner Scholarship program to all Florida children with an Individualized Education Plan. The scholarship program is currently serving more than 7,500 Florida children with unique abilities.

The legislation also increases the state’s commitment to the students who participate in Florida’s Tax Credit Scholarship Program. More than 98,000 Florida students participate in this program today that has a proven track record of educational gains for students and savings for Florida’s taxpayers.

For more information, visit Foundation for Florida’s Future – 2017 Legislative Session.

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