2017 Legislative Session: Week 3 Highlights

2017 Legislative Session: Week 3 Highlights

Friday, March 24, 2017

This week, legislative leaders considered several student-centered, teacher-friendly bills that would lead to better outcomes for Florida’s youngest residents.

  • Senate leaders discussed “Fewer, Better Tests” legislation (Senate Bill 926) and the positive impact the bill would have on teachers and students.
  • A comprehensive reading support bill (House Bill 757) unanimously passed the House Subcommittee on PreK-12 Innovation.
  • A bill to remove caps on teacher bonuses (House Bill 827) unanimously passed the House Education Committee.

Highlights from week three of Florida's 2017 Legislative Session.

Senate Bill 926 (sponsored by Senator Anitere Flores) was workshopped during Tuesday’s Senate Education Committee meeting.

This legislation would give teachers more time to teach by moving statewide assessments to the end of the school year. The bill also increases transparency by providing teachers and parents with easy-to-understand and actionable student score reports, and ensures teachers receive timely results from local assessments to help inform classroom instruction.

Leaders from Florida’s education and business community have expressed their support for this important piece of legislation.

The companion piece to this legislation, House Bill 773, passed the House Subcommittee on PreK-12 Quality last week with a bipartisan, unanimous vote.

House Bill 757 (sponsored by Representative Byron Donalds) passed the House Subcommittee on PreK-12 Innovation with a unanimous vote on Tuesday. The legislation would lead to more students reading on grade level by providing statewide research-based training to Florida elementary teachers, reading coaches and VPK teachers.

HB 757 also proposes providing VPK students with the opportunity to enroll in a second year of VPK at their parent’s discretion.

House Bill 827 (sponsored by Representative Elizabeth Porter), which removes caps on financial awards available to teachers, unanimously passed the House Education Committee yesterday. The legislation now moves to the House floor.

Currently, Florida teachers are capped on the bonuses they can receive when their students successfully earn college credit in Advanced Placement (AP),International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) or industry certifications or digital certificates. This legislation removes those caps.

Visit Foundation for Florida’s Future – 2017 Legislative Session for more information on these student-centered, teacher-and parent-friendly bills.

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