Let’s Give Teachers More Time to Teach

Florida’s Fewer, Better Tests (SB 926/HB 773) legislation would give teachers more time to teach by moving statewide assessments to the end of the school year. The bill also increases transparency by providing teachers and parents with easy-to-understand and actionable student score reports, and it ensures teachers receive timely results from local assessments to help inform classroom instruction.

To learn more about the teacher- and parent-friendly components of the bill, visit this page on Florida's Fewer, Better Tests Legislation.

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Why parents and teachers support this legislation:

  • 81 percent of teachers and 82 percent of parents agreed that moving statewide, standardized tests to the last three weeks of the school year will give teachers more time to teach.
  • 87 percent of teachers and 82 percent of parents believe that teachers should receive copies of the previous year’s score reports to better prepare and tailor instruction for incoming students.
  • 82 percent of teachers and 83 percent of parents believe that teachers should receive copies of the previous year’s score reports for all their incoming students to better inform the conversations they will have with parents at the start of the new school year.



Watch Principal Carlos Alvarez share why he believes HB 773
will give Florida teachers more time to teach.

What education leaders are saying:

  • "Florida’s Fewer, Better Tests Legislation (HB 773/SB 926) is a step in the right direction for teachers, students, and parents. Teachers will have more classroom instruction time to inspire their students. Students will have additional time to learn key concepts and build important academic skills. Parents will have the timely feedback they need to support their child’s learning progress." - Professional Educators Network of Florida (PEN)
  • "We believe that giving principals and teachers data in a more timely manner would enable them to better serve the needs of their students. In business, leaders need timely results in order to measure their work and achieve success and that holds true for school leaders. Florida's teachers and school leaders rely on valuable information gained from both statewide and local assessments. It's important that they receive these results quickly and with actionable information to help students perform on grade level." - Elaine Liftin, Ed.D., President & Executive Director, Council for Educational Change
  • “Florida Coalition of School Board Members is thrilled to support this Fewer, Better Tests legislation, which aligns with our organization’s Core Values. Our school board members believe that teachers should have more time to teach, students should have more time to learn, and parents should be provided with meaningful results to allow them to take effective actions on behalf of their students. Finally, we strongly believe that our state must align academic expectations with the universally accepted definition of ‘proficiency’, making clear the criteria for success in our classrooms.” - Shawn Frost, School Board Member, Indian River County
  • "The bill looks promising as it opens up more options for students, including students in competency-based learning programs like Florida Virtual School." - Holly Sagues, Executive Director, Governmental Affairs & Strategic Solutions, Florida Virtual School

To learn more about what Florida leaders are saying, visit Florida Leaders Applaud "Fewer, Better Tests" Legislation.