This Latina Mom Explains Why She Values Testing

This Latina Mom Explains Why She Values Testing

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Vew Source Article

By: Kate Wallace


MargieViera, a single mom of two boys in Orlando, is proud of her Hispanic heritage.

“We work really hard atmaintaining our culture. That means that everybody who walks in has to eatsomething,” said Viera, while stirring a pot of arroz congandules, a traditional Puerto Rican dish, over the stove in herOrlando, Fla., home.

With family back in PuertoRico, Margie is grateful for the educational opportunities Florida offers herschool-aged sons, Jorge and Gabriel.

“I was born and raised inPuerto Rico,” said Viera. “Everything is different back home: the educationsystem, government system, political system—everything.”

When Jorge and Gabriel beganschool, Viera said her main priority was for her children to excel in theclassroom and compete with their peers, both locally and abroad. So, she wasshocked when other parents at her sons’ school complained about testing.

“As a Latina single mom, Iwant to make sure my children are proficient and they’re getting the languageskills they need,” said Viera. “So, testing is definitely important to me.”

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