A Smorgasbord of Learning

A Smorgasbord of Learning

Thursday, August 11, 2016

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A Smorgasbord of Learning

By: Mike Thomas

Maddison likes her school – a lot.

“We can sit wherever we want,’’ she says. “We can do whatever we want.’’

Obviously this can’t be true because Maddison is in first grade at Lost Lake Elementary in Lake County, Fl. And as we all know, children at that age must be subject to strict control and adult supervision at all times.

Sit. Listen. Learn. Answer when called on.

Anything more than that, raise your hand.

That is life as first graders have known it throughout time. But this is something totally different.

“We don’t have to ask the teacher,’’ says Brandon. “If something is on the check list, we don’t have to ask. We can just go do it.’’

I am surrounded by kids, just doing it. Some are hunched over work books, collaborating on solutions. Some are working solo. Some are on tablets. Some are with the teacher.

While students sometimes seem to be going in different directions, they all have a clearly established and mutual goal, which is mastering the Florida Standards....

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